Sound therapy is a vibrational therapy that works by entraining the brain and other body systems resulting in:

  • deep relaxation and peace
  • reduced anxiety and stress
  • reduced blood pressure, heart rate and breath rate
  • reduced stress hormones and increased “feel good” hormones
  • reduced pain, both chronic and acute. It is particularly effective on pain that does not respond to other therapies.
  • increased function of the immune system, for optimal self-healing. This makes it an ideal complementary therapy for patients with cancer and other diseases
  • in autistic and hyperactive children, it relieves anxiety and balances their energy
  • improved sleep


Anne Huxtable is a sound therapist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who has a special interest Homepage
in treating children with autism and hyperactivity. She is committed to education and to raising awareness of the benefits of sound as a therapy and gives frequent lectures and demonstrations.

Her work includes:

  • workshops
  • group sound sessions (known as “Sound Baths”)
  • private sessions for those with both physical and emotional issues.