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Originally a research scientist and then a Secondary School Maths teacher in Australia, Anne began her journey into complementary therapies 25 years ago. She is a qualified masseuse and Reiki practitioner, with many years of experience using a variety of modalities including Shiatsu and energy psychology techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Emotion Code.

As a musician and singer, Anne developed an interest in how music and sound can be used for healing and energy balancing. This led her to study harmonic overtone singing in Australia with Dean Frenkel. Later, while studying Sound Therapy at the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, she tapped into the healing power of her voice and began toning sounds with healing frequencies. She brings these frequencies through her voice during group “sound baths” and in private sessions.

What differentiates Anne from other sound healers is her voice healing and also her specially matched set of Alchemy crystal singing bowls. They are tuned to musical chords to create powerful blended sounds that easily induce altered states of consciousness in the listener. She also uses Energy Chimes, xylophones and tuning forks. She is highly sensitive to vibrations and energies in people and places.

Anne is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but also spends time in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.

Executive Producer of the documentary film Song of the New Earth – Tom Kenyon and the Power of (see trailer)

YouTube clips: (excerpts from CD – Celestial Garden) (sound bath, toning and crystal bowls, at Mana Sanctuary, New Zealand) (sound bath, flute, at Mana Sanctuary, New Zealand)


Green Planet FM (Auckland, New Zealand) Podcast interview – The Power of Sound:

The 24thHour Podcast Interview Trailer:

The 24thHour Podcast Full Interview:

Sound Healing work (workshops, sound baths, private sessions):

Malaysia: A New Earth (Kuala Lumpur), The Violet Flame (Kuala Lumpur), The Golden Space (Kuala Lumpur), Lifeworks (Penang), The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat (Ipoh).

Singapore: The Golden Space

Australia: Blue Angel Reiki Centre (Melbourne), Third Eye Healing Centre (Margate)

New Zealand: Kawai Purapura (Albany)

Hong Kong: Red Doors Studio

Public Events:

Seven Sisters Festival March 2015, Mt Martha (near Melbourne) Australia – Sound bath in The Hub











Globe Sound Healing Conference and Festival September 2015 (San Francisco, CA) – Sound Bath in The Sound Garden.

Published recordings:

  1. Celestial Garden CD (excerpts:

To download album:

  1. Sound and Scent – Journey to Tranquility: tracks to accompany the Young Living Oils “Feelings Kit”. Combining therapeutic grade essential oils and sound is a powerful combination.

To download album: