healing power

Your own voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument there is. But many people have blockages and resistance in their throats that stop them from fully expressing themselves and using this powerful self-healing tool.
In our childhood we are often punished or discouraged from speaking our minds and fully expressing ourselves, so we learn to close down the throat. All those unsaid words can result in:soundhealing
– Jaw tension and teeth grinding
– Headaches
– Eye problems
– Neck and shoulder pain
– Constriction in the throat
– Pent up anger or grief that can affect many body systems (digestion, heart, etc.)
In this half-day workshop you will:      

– Learn techniques to free up your voice and tightness in your throat
– Release fear of speaking your truth and expressing yourself.
– Use your voice for self-healing (toning, chanting) (You do not need to know how to sing to do this.)
– Use the voice to release physical and emotional pain.
– An introduction to harmonic overtone chanting.
– Use your voice to heal another.