Sound and Scent – Journey to Tranquillity


The Young Living Oils Feelings Kit can be used as a tool to help release negative feelings and emotions from the body.  If not dealt with, they can affect our health and wellbeing. By adding sound and affirmations, the kit becomes a powerful tool of transformation.

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Product Description

Sounds to accompany the oil blends in the Young Living Oils Feelings Kit.

1. Click here to download the instruction sheet for applying the Feelings Kit oils.
2. If you wish to tap on the EFT tapping points while repeating the affirmations, click here for a link to a diagram of the tapping points.
3. Listen to track #1 with suggestions of how to combine the tracks with each oil, including affirmations
4. Apply each oil, then listen to the corresponding track.
5. Allowing plenty of time for silence after each track (1-2 minutes). This allows the oils and the vibrations of the sounds to penetrate deep into the body for maximum benefit.
6. Move onto the next oil and repeat steps 4. and 5.
7. After applying all 6 blends, take time to rest in silence. This allows the subconscious mind to bring to the surface anymore memories and feelings that are ready to be released.
8. The oils and sound track can be used whenever you like. Use your intuition to guide you. Maybe you will only want to work with one oil and sound track at a time. That is okay as well.



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