Sound Therapist

I developed backache/muscle sprain all of a sudden and it made it difficult to perform my daily routine. Anne Huxtable performed a Gong session on me and wallah! I could stand straight and walk as usual within 15 minutes! I’m totally impressed with the outcome and would recommend anyone to try it.
~Arun Sarravanan Rajaratnam, Sarra Kings, Audio Engineer, December 2016

I slept incredibly well after the sound bath. It was a fantastic experience, thank you.
~Gina, Singapore, March 2016

I am very happy to say that I have today received your CD in the mail. I absolutely luv it, listening to it fills me with hope and inspiration.
~Marj, Australia, March 2016

I wanted to say how much I enjoy your Celestial Garden CD. It really is amazingly helpful when I feel the need to wind down.
I do hope we can meet when you’re next in Singapore.

~Melanie, Singapore,  March 2016

The gong was amazing. Anne put it near my ears and I could feel the vibrations going through my ears. I have been having continuous ringing in my ears. I was worried that this loud sound from the gong would worsen it but surprisingly the ringing in my ears vanished. My ears were blissfully silent.
Bakshish, Ipoh, Malaysia, January 2016

Hello Anne! I can’ stop raving about the treatment you gave me. I also wanted to tell you that, while “jamming” to your CD, I had quite a profound experience discovering my own voice! I was able to sing octaves below my normal range by using my chakras as points of resonance. i.e. using my belly, chest, and throat, etc. as the “resonance chamber”. Not to mention, I absolutely LOVE making all the different sounds our bodies are capable of! I think I was born for this 🙂 Thanks for being an important part of my life journey!
Best regards,
~Brandon, Ashland, OR, USA, January 2016

Morning Anne!
Wow I’m very impressed with yesterday’s treatment..
I’ve never had a good sleep for a long time. Always dreaming and waking up with aches.
But last night was just bliss!
I slept like a baby and my body doesn’t have any aches.
It’s amazing I can’t believe it
Amanda Tan, Singapore, December 2015

Workshop participants:

Dear Anne, Your workshop today it was an immense experience for me to feel how sound have an impact on my body and how I was able to let sound come out by my voice. Wow! I felt very comfortable and safe therefore I could let healing happen. Thank you for the possibility and your space!
~Aurelia, Singapore, May 2015

Dear Anne, Thank you very much for the good energy, skills and knowledge you gave to all of us today. You are very open and sharing person. I hope to progress in this direction (especially openess) with help of sound/voice or other techniques in the future.
~Zuzana, Singapore, May 2015

Dear Anne, thank you so much for the amazing workshop and sound bath session, I learned and experienced a lot over the past few days and really loved the experiences.
~Wai Fong, Singapore, May 2015

Hi Anne, Your work shop was extremely helpful to me. I have been working closely with my spiritual counsellor continuing to unblock and heal and unlock my voice and expression. Much gratitude to you Anne.
~Luisa, Melbourne, Australia, April 2015

Dear Anne & all my fellow voice students I really enjoyed the class on learning to use my voice as a healing tool. a lot of interesting insights about vibration. Coming home that night after class, I was really wiped out. n even shivering slightly. I went to bed early n slept soundly until past 8 am. i felt that the healing processes triggered that day took a few days.
~Shieu Hoong, Singapore, January 2015

Anne’s workshop was really awe inspiring, it’s amazing to learn just how powerful sounds can be in healing the body. Her obvious passion for sound therapy and her enthusiasm in wanting to share her knowledge was inspiring, and left me wanting to learn more about it. I loved the brain gym, and now I practice it every morning to get me going. I would definitely recommend Anne’s workshop to anyone.
Deearnne, Melbourne, Oct 2014

Sound and Scent, Journey to Tranquility:

As Anne administered the oil on the group of us, I could feel a warmth moving slowly up my spine. One of the oil drops that she put on my tongue felt bitter at first but after her sound session turned slightly sweet. After all the various drops of oils have been administered to us, we were asked to lie on our back and Anne started to tone together with the sounds of the singing bowl. I felt very calm, and after awhile, I found myself speaking in tongues and slowly I started feeling cold. I could feel energy rising in me……then I started seeing sparkles of bright light and I started to have rapid eye movement. Then the sparkle of lights started flying towards me and I felt like I was flying through space. Suddenly, I found myself speaking very fast in certain language which I could not understand. I felt very happy and at some point felt myself laughing. I was communicating with beings from other Dimensions. After some time, I reached a place which was pure light, bright light…..and I felt so peaceful, free and joyful. It was a very beautiful experience.
~Lillian, Ipoh Malaysia, June 2015

CD – Celestial Garden

I love your disk, The music is wonderful , very relaxing, a few second after I start to listen I find myself in a meditative state, your voice is divine and I really like the differences between the “songs”
for example the “fairies Dancing” is so happy and “soft breeze” has such an intensive meditative energy.
I enjoy your music so much and I appreciate the value of listening to it that I wanted to ask your permission to play it to my clients in the clinic in one on one healing sessions and as a preliminary preparation before the group channelings I do.
~Tagil, Israel, June 2015

Listening to Anne Huxtable’s CD brings me to an altered state of mind, opens doors for new understandings, and gives me a brighter vista of life…
It takes me to a journey into other consciousness levels, calms down all my body activities so that I can really discover and enjoy what’s beyond the physics…
I love listening to it before I go to sleep or when I feel I need a moment to myself.
~Nili Fisch, Switzerland June 2015 ( )

Hi Anne,The kids and I had the pleasure of coming to your session and working with you during your recent visit to Singapore. We have since then listened to your CD so often; it has become the main relaxation tool in the household.

~Ellen, Singapore, January 2015

Celestial Garden describes the healing voice and healing instruments of Anne Huxtable in 2 words wonderfully, from crystal singing bowls, to fairy chimes and more . Accompanied by healing beats, which makes it perfect for falling asleep to or relaxing in the evening while sorting through out e-mail or task. Personal favorite of mine is Soft Breeze, track 3 .

Vivitha Naidu , Malaysia, 2 March 2015


Private session & group sound bath participant:

The experience was amazing, beautiful and powerful altogether. Thanks to your wonderful practice with sounds, there is a way to feel in ourselves the answers that we are looking for. I appreciated the individual session and the sound bath, both are different and complementary. Now I am definitely looking for learning from you about self-healing work using my own voice.
Thank you Anne for all you did and for all you do!
D.M. Kuala Lumpur, 25 November, 2014


Sound Bath Participants:

I found it soothing and relaxing. It destresses the body and mind of tension. The sound is not musical and yet its chime has a magical effect on the mind and soul. It produces a soothing effect on the brain in the serene atmosphere of the room. The chime of the sound makes the body want to abandon fatigue and stress. During the session, I tried to lift up my feet but found as if they were glued to the floor. After the session I felt energetic and could sleep soundly that night.

~ Mrs Thong, Malaysia, July 2015


Thank you SO much Anne. Blessings on all that you do to raise the vibration of our ‘home’.
~Isha, Auckland, NZ, May 2015

What a fantastic night I had experiencing the Sound Bowls healing, So uplifting and I resonated immediately to the sounds and it took me on a wonderful journey instantly!

~Sonia, Melbourne, Australia, October 2014


Hello Ann

First I need to thank you for the lovely session on Sunday. It was awesome.

Some feedback on what I experienced after the session:

1. Just after the session – I was given a summons for parking my car in a no parking zone. I didn’t feel flustered or disappointed with the situation. I just called a friend to help me n he was willing. Thank God for that.

2. Y’day i just had the energy to totally clean my room – de-clutter, wash n clean. It was 11pm n I was ironing my husband’s shirts. Just oozing with energy.

3. Today is like a spill over – still in the cleaning mode.

Well, on that day itself I experienced seeing different colours than I usually do. I also saw shapes. I felt the sound waves working on my aura n also felt a deep cleansing of my womb or perhaps clearing of the lower chakras.

Thank you once again for the healing Ann. Blessings.

~Begam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2014


From a mother with a 16 year old hyperactive boy with autism (individual session):

I have wonderful news about my son.

This morning I imagined what you told me to do and it worked!  I

usually need to open the door in his room once I get up.  If I don’t leave

the door open, he’ll jump up (literally) from his bed and anxiously open

the door. He’ll then open my room door and switch on the light.   Then only

he’ll go back to his room attempting to go back to sleep.  Usually after

that he can’t sleep. So he gets up very early.  BUT….. this morning I

didn’t leave his room door open and he slept right through until I woke him

up to go to school!

Thank you, Anne for your help. You are truly our angel on earth!

~Fern., Ipoh, Malaysia, September 2014


Seraphim Angels session via Skype:

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I felt GREAT after our session, and that I know something shifted!

It was an amazing seraphim angel session! I loved the “joining” and definitely felt very different afterwards; more calm, very introspective, and completely at peace!

~Jackie, Los Angeles, USA, September 2014


I had the privilege and honour to experience a session of Seraphim Angel Healing with Anne Huxtable.
I knew I was so ready for this when Anne showed me a picture of a being with the lights of the 7 chakras and the 15 chakras above. I felt so resonated with God that I began crying.
When we tuned into my sacral on the “Christ-me”/5th dimension level, I saw my maternal grandma with my mother, my paternal grandma with my father, my sister, myself, my spouse and my two children, all with their sad stories, grievances and hurts. I cried for them and lay onto the ground, curling up into a fetal position, allowing the healing to take place for the family spanning this four generations. Healing by the acknowledgement and acceptance of the agape, immortal love that was flowing so generously. I could feel St. Anne and the other angels came to embrace the family.
I sounded so ugly and eerie shouting out emotional hurts and sadness of my ancestors when my throat was worked on. After a couple of releases and receiving love, my voice began to change. I hear myself chanting sweetly! And my hymn travelled down to my womb to do some clearing!
God, it is truly wonderful to get to know You at this level. My body feels so much lighter now.
Thank you, Anne for facilitating all these…
~Caitlin, Ipoh, Malaysia, September 2014