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Crystal Lyre from Mine Cristal Inc., Canada

crystal lyre-2







Quartz crystal tubes mounted on an acrylic frame.
To hear the sound  click here.


  • Stand
  • Two mallets
  • Padded case
  • Choice of tunings (A=432 or A=442)

Price USD$1,700.00, including freight anywhere in the world.   To Order …


Elfen Chakra Chimes by Elfen Harmonics, Australia








For more info: Click Here

Polished aluminium bars, non-toxic paint.


  •     9 chimes
  •     Wooden tray
  •     2 mallets
  •     Instruction booklet

Price USD$280 + freight   To Order …


Koshi Wind Chimes, made in France.











Precision tuned and hand-made wind chimes with magical resonance. For more information  click here.

Available in 4 melodies:

Price USD$55.00 + shipping

Set of 4 chimes USD$210 + shipping To Order …


DVD – Song of a New Earth-Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound











Deluxe Edition with 2 hours extra footage of Tom Kenyon workshop material:

Price USD$29.95 + shipping   To Order …

To see the trailer or rent the film  Click Here

“Tom Kenyon is a musical genius and his story was completely enthralling to watch, especially his spiritual experiences set to animation. Your whole body might glow after you watch this film.”
~Kate Nelligan, Huffington Post

The film was voted by the Huffington Post as #3 in a list of the 10 most heartwarming films of 2014.

Anne Huxtable is one of the Executive Producers of the film and toured with it in Australia and New Zealand in 2015.