Autism and Hyperactivity

Sound is a natural therapy that helps:

  • relieve anxiety in hyperactive and autistic children
  • reduce their stress and tension
  • improve their sleep.

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Combining Essential Oils with Sound Therapy

When good quality essential oils are inhaled, they activate the limbic system in the brain (the emotional part of the brain) and a magical thing happens, the effects of healing sound vibrations are greatly amplified. Scent and Sound are a wonderful combination!

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Group sound therapy




Sound baths are best experienced while lying down. Imagine entering a state of trance bliss – your heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, brainwaves and stress hormone levels decrease, allowing the body to heal both physically and emotionally

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Individual Sound Therapy Sessions


Anne conducts healing sessions that are tailored to your individual needs.

The session can include   voice scan, chakra balancing with Chakra, Chimes, crystal singing bowls, and tuning  forks.
This can reduce physical pain and  help clear

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Presentations about sound therapy

Anne is available to give presentations about SPresentation1ound and its therapeutic effects.

As an educator, Anne is skilled at presenting entertaining

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