Anne offers a number of half day or full day workshops including:             workshop

  • Parenting Children with Special Needs
  • The Healing Power of Your Own Voice
  • Introduction to Sound Healing
  • Scent and Sound – Journey to Tranquility

She can come to your venue or the workshops can be held at her centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Introduction to sound healing Workshop

No prior knowledge of music is needed
This is an introductory, one day course for:

  •  Those wishing to learn tech-niques to heal themselves with sound and music
  •  Practitioners who wish to incor-porate sound into their healing practices.
  •  Course notes are included.

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The Healing Power of Your Own Voice

Your own voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument there is. But many people have blockages and resistance in their throats that stop them from fully expressing themselves and using this powerful self-healing tool.

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Sound and Scent – Journey to Tranquility 

Allow trapped emotions and negative feelings to be gently released, resulting in harmony and peace within.

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Parenting Workshop

Anne Huxtable is an educator and sound therapist who was also the parent of a daughter with severe physical disabilities. Before her daughter passed away at 10 years of age, Anne was often very stressed and unsure how best to help her daughter. Since then, she has learned many skills and tools which would have been very useful back then.

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