Special needs camp March 2016
I was very privileged to be invited to participate in a NeuroSensory Rehabilitation Camp for children with special needs in Singapore this week. We were a team of four therapists, each with different skills, collaborating to give intensive therapy to 8 children over 4 days.

Besides my sound therapy, the other therapists were:
Yonie Bonawi (based in Singapore), organiser of the camp, who uses multi modalities for her therapy work, including primitive reflex integration, neuro-facial work and more.
KC Soo, (based in Malaysia), Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) Therapist who helps to identify, repair and draw out cognitive abilities/challenges in a child.
Olivier, (based in Bali) a therapist doing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). BCST is a light touch therapy that helps support the entire body, including calming the nervous system. It awakens the child’s inate body healing intelligence.

It was an intense 4 days that just finished yesterday. We were working for 8 hours on the children each day, then having a team meeting in the evening to work out the best way forward for each child next day. It was so amazing and awesome to see each child blossoming right in front of us. Our team had a wonderful dynamic together. It was truly collaboration at its best.

I look forward to collaborating with these therapists again in the future.

neurosensory camp A-team

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